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Contact: Dhanesh Ramparsad
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Bizstrat is currently in arrears for R17 595 to a single facilitator for training done in December 2018. The company is under severe financial pressure apparently due to outstanding payments.

Several dates have been promised to settle the account, blaming their own debtors, which includes the South African Government, for the lack of cash flow.

The MD of Bizstrat aka Dean Richards, confirmed in an email that the amount owed to the facilitator is R13 000 and not R17 595 as claimed and promised to pay this amount as soon as their clients pay them without giving any commitment as the when this will happen.

The invoice submitted to AISE in fact included disbursements which the facilitator had to pay without being informed of the “arrangement.”

The company has not provided a list of these bad payers to AISE. If any are provided in future, it will be listed separately.

Facilitators are warned to get everything in writing from this company before departing for the training venue. The rate agreed in this case, which is now under dispute, was discussed telephonically based on the trust the facilitator had in the owner. This trust has now gone out the window.

To date, at least four facilitators have been identified being owed a total exceeding R100 000.

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