Professional Registration

2020 Membership Fees

Once off Application and Registration Fee – All Categories – R 175

Annual Membership Fees

  1. All non-engineering members – R 350
  2. Technical Members – R 435
  3. Specialist Members – R 665
  4. Consulting Specialist Members – R 895

If you upgrade during 2020 the rate will be adjusted pro-rata and renewable in full for 2021.

Example, you pay R350 for 2020 and upgrade to Specialist member. You will be billed R315 and R665 for 2021.

A Professional Registration is required to become a registered professional in Industrial Safety or Environmental Sustainability to practice in Africa under the professional designations issued by AISE.

No person is allowed to practice as an AISE Member unless registered and meeting the competency requirements for FPD / CPD.

Minimum underlying Qualifications and Experience

Non-Engineering SE professionals

  • UK NVQ level 3 or country equivalent qualification in a Safety or Environmental Management related field. ( Minimum 120 credits or 1 year full time studies)
  • 1 to 2 years experience

The M.ISE credential is awarded to Members in this category.

Depending on experience, a prefix will be added indicating the Skill levels 2 to 4.

Engineering SE Professionals

The Minimum qualification for ISE Technical Membership is one of the following:

  • A Degree / Advance Diploma at SA-NQF 6 or country equivalent in a Safety or Environmental Engineering related field. ( Minimum 360 credits or 3 years full time studies)
  • More than 2 years experience

The Eng.Tech.ISE credential is awarded to Technical Members.

The Minimum qualification for ISE Specialist Membership is one of the following:

  • B.Sc or B.Tech Degree or higher in an Engineering field
  • Registration with the Engineering Council in your country (if any) or
  • Registration with the Natural Scientists Council in your country (if any)
  • More that 5 years post qualification experience.

The Eng.ISE credential is awarded to Specialist Members.

Also read this document.

The Minimum qualification for ISE Consulting Specialist Membership is the same as above, with an additional 5 years proven and verifiable track record in Consulting Practice.

The Pr.EngSE.ISE credential is awarded to consulting engineers specialising in SE, and

The Pr.SE.ISE credential is awarded to non-engineering SE consultants.

Conditions for Acceptance of Engineering Professionals

Applications will only be considered if these conditions are met:

  1. Submission of true and accurate information in your application,
  2. Submission of a signed Declaration to abide by the AISE Code of Conduct & Ethics and The AISE Professional Standards Guidelines published from time to time.
  3. Submission of letters of recommendations from at least three members with a higher level of registration.