Media Release in Response to Saiosh CEO “announcement”

The Africa Institute of Safety & Environment officially distance itself from the announcement made by the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. We strongly condemn the perception the Institute creates that the freedom to chose your association is limited to criteria they have determined and views it as an attack on democracy in Africa.

AISE is not subject to the South African National Qualifications Framework. As a multi-national voluntary association, we are subject only to our Constitution in the selection criteria for membership, the issuing of professional designations and post-nominal titles and the criteria for selection of qualifications that forms part of the minimum underlying qualifications for membership.

As a voluntary association, we do not oppose or support any political, governmental or other initiative that is designed purely to enhance the professional status and the employability of our members.

We do not claim to be recognised by any statutory authority or council and we respect the freedom of association our members have in terms of human rights.

We do however oppose for any regulatory reform of any kind that will negatively impact on our members in the exercise of their chosen profession, the professional fees they are entitled to determine and the restriction of the work they may perform.

We believe in a peer-reviewed competency criteria for the different disciplines and will respond to any complaints and disputes between members.

We require our members to uphold the law in the countries they operate and not to perform tasks for which they are not qualified.

We support continual professional development, but does not make it a condition for continued membership unless it is specifically required by a law of general application.

Any person who wishes to confirm the membership of an individual who carries a designation issued by us, are welcome to write to us at We will entertain all properly motivated requests, and subject to the member’s written consent, will disclose the requested information.

For more information, feel free to contact our Member Support Team via our contact page.

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