How we work

This is a community driven service to consultants and freelancers doing business in Africa. Before you continue to share your experience, please note the process we follow.

  1. You have to be in possession of:
    1. a Service Level Agreement / Consulting Agreement duly signed by both parties or
    2. An invoice and delivery note indicating service delivery.
  2. There must be a breach of contract in terms of the PAYMENT clause. No other breaches will be entertained.
  3. You have to submit all documentation required for listing as directed by our Advisors in a timely manner.
  4. We will contact the other party to ascertain the circumstances of the Non-payment.
  5. Once we are in our own opinion, satisfied that the payment clause is breached, we will list all available information.
  6. Any person who feels they have been listed in error must show valid reasons for the listing to be removed.

As we rely on donations to compensate our investigators and advisors, please feel free to enter into a sponsorship with us for only R250 per month.