About AISE

The Africa Initiative for a Sustainable Economy provides risk management services to the SMME sector and Consumers in Africa by evaluating and reporting on current business practices that could threaten the economic growth of the SMME and Self-employment sectors of the African economy.

We offer a free service to freelancers and consultants who have problems getting paid by clients due to bad cash management.

We list all the companies that failed to make payments on time and as agreed on.

You can access this information to decide if a particular company is worth doing business with or not.

In addition we expose incompetent professionals who do not have the skills to deliver quality service and relevant advice, or displays unprofessional conduct and a lack of ethics or who may have been sanctioned by a regulatory council.

AISE is a community driven non-profit initiative and listings are provided by members of the public. We strive to provide both sides of the story, but cannot guarantee the truthfulness of either side’s version. Therefore do we not accept any liability whatsoever as to the validity of the information received.

Readers are advised to make their own decisions based on the information available. Please read how our risk rating works.

Never run the risk of not getting paid!

As the favorite excuse goes:” We haven’t been paid by our client, so we cannot pay you.”

At AISE, our response is, “Screw You! If you cannot pay, you should not be in business. We’ll help you get out of it.”